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K STREET  1108 K St NW, 2nd Floor,  Washington, DC 20002

Mustard Seed Massage
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Deep Swedish, Sports Massage, Hot Stone, Stretching, Movement & Flexibility, Sports Massage, Aroma Therapy, Hot Stone

Terence, the owner of Mustard Seed Massage is a nationally certified, state licensed, and insured massage therapist. He is often called a “Gentle Giant” because of his commanding stature and strength in contrast to his tranquil demeanor. After several years of work in healthcare early on in life, he discovered the healing and therapeutic power of touch on people’s lives. As he garnered the interest to continue improving wellness through touch, he turned to massage therapy. After practicing professionally for a year, he realized there was more to Massage than just creating a feel-good experience. The therapeutic aspect of Massage intrigued him as he often found himself working with athletes, people with chronic stress, pain, injuries, and other rehabilitation issues.

With the experience he got from working with other veteran professionals in the field like Jim Starn of Expertly Crafted Wellness and Holly Paterson of MpowrD Massage, he decided to create a brand unique to his belief in what massage therapy could and should do. He envisioned an endless list of its benefits that went beyond relaxation, pain management, or fitness enhancement. For him, it is merging all three together in one session to create a uniquely wholesome experience. Thus Mustard Seed Massage was born with the vision of improving the general well-being of the public and getting people in the optimal state to fully and freely enjoy the wealth nature has to offer.

Besides being gifted with great hands, a firm, yet delicate touch, and an intuitive mind, Terence is also an inspirational leader. His team of certified and talented therapists here at Mustard Seed Massage are dedicated to serving and improving your health through massage. He believes your health is your wealth. Due to the demands of running the studio effectively, Terence is available to see clients on a very limited schedule.



1108 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20005

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